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We handle your emergencies:

At Electrical Contractor Guys we understand that when an emergency occurs, time is of great importance. Emergencies as a result of power outages can occur at any time and affect your business in different ways. We have built a reputation for handling emergency problems as we have a system that provides for such untimely even, it making it possible for our customers t depend on us during such critical moments.


We are there for you:

At Electrical Contractor Guys, we are read to handle any electrical problem that you may have. We understand all aspects of electrical issues such as electrical fire damage, power loss, storm damage, lightning strike etc.


Ample and qualified staff

At Electrical Contractor Guys, we have the best qualified staffs who respond within the shortest tie possible in case of a breakdown problem. Or technicians are constantly retrained in handling a crisis and are always kept in touch with the latest knowledge and technology. This enables them to indentify and handle problems quickly. Our commitment to correct the problem ensures that our team remains at the site until the problem is rectified.

If you are looking for a reliable electrical contractor who is licensed, insured and bonded, you should contact Electrical Contractor Guys on 888-612-6562.

Electrical Contractors

It takes a trained person to notice the mistake of an electrician. And these mistakes can cost you a lot. The good thing is that it is possible to eliminate unqualified electricians based on the neatness of their work. As a rule of thumb, if the job isn’t net, it is probably not safe. If you go to a site and realize that the wires run together mostly near a service panel or if the cables are crossed and jumbled, the electrician isn’t doing the job in the right manner.

While it can be tricky to assess whether your electrician is legitimate or not, you can make it easier by asking the right questions. First you should ensure that the electrical contractor is qualified and they are a member of the government recognized bodies. When you choose a registered electrician, it means that you can get additional protection incase of something going wrong.

There are homeowners who feel embarrassed about checking the qualification of the person who they intend to hire. If you find that you re working with a professional who is not willing to show you evidence of their registration and qualifications, this could be a warning sign. You should avoid going by their words. Ask the person to provide reference of previously happy customers. Ask the customer whether they were happy with the job of the electrical contractor. If possible, you can ask to see a previous job done by the electrician.

Ask to see a copy of he electrician’s state license and the proof if insurance. You must ensure that both of them are current. Be sure to get several quotes so that you can compare the options. Bear in mind that the cheapest quote doesn’t have to be the best. If it seems too good to be true, there are chances that it is. If you are looking for a reliable electrical contractor who is licensed, insured and bonded, you should contact Electrical Contractor Guys on 888-612-6562.

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